• Marine Data IOM Limited

    Solution focused

    Marine Data IOM Limited

    Solution focused

    Marine Data IOM Limited

    Solution focused

  • Drawings for Class and Vessel Catalogue

    We are able to offer a complete drafting and design service aimed at keeping an up to date portfolio of drawings available to ship masters and officers.


    These can be simple drafting updates to reflect changes in systems or complete redesign of engineering parts as required.


    Drawings can be generated from existing originals, pdf or scanned data.


    Supply of drawings can be in a variety of formats, most popular and a flexible option is to export a multi-layer pdf file which allows selected information to be printed or else hidden. Cad data can also be provided to allow sharing with other contractors


    Post refit there are often many drawings to update including General Arrangements, Fire safety Plans and Lifesaving Plans and we can help to produce these in an ordered consistent fashion

  • Stability

    • Intact stability
    • Damaged stability, deterministic and probabilistic
    • Inclining trials
    • Lightship surveys
    • Stability Information Booklets (SIBs)
    • Hull modifications to optimise stability
    • Tank modelling to link with on board tank monitoring systems (DelftLoad)

  • Design and Engineering

    • Proposals, schemes and 3D rendered models
    • Specifications and technical detail
    • Draughting services
    • Structural drawings to Class
    • Workshop drawings
    • Conversion drawings
    • Systems drawings
    • File plans
    • Crane and gantry installations
    • Rudder and stabiliser installation drawings
    • Slipping and docking plans
    • 3D computer structural models
    • Optimisation of structures
    • CNC files for profiling

  • CNC Engineered Parts

    Steel and aluminium parts modelled and data produced

    • Exploded assembly drawings
    • Parts list
    • Solid modelling
    • Linked 2D drawings and 3D models

  • Pinterest - Houseboats

    Our houseboats are mostly "deep draft" vessels where there is an oppurtunity to include extra accommodation without needing excessive superstructure height. They often include elements of traditional marine design complimenting a large usable volume.

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  • Chris Baker FRINA and SNAME

    Solution Focused Naval Architect and Marine Designer with over 45 years experience in the marine field


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